"Listed below are a few advantages of using RBS Readymade Steel, but the main advantage is - it brings down your cost by upto 11% "

Say goodbye to Wastage

Image 03
  • Zero Wastage
  • Reduce overlapping at Joints
  • Factory Readymade Steel - So no chances of wrong shaping.
  • User gets perfectly shaped columns and beams with correct amount of cover concrete..

Faster Construction

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  • Save time taken to cut and bend the bar on site
  • You just buy RBS Readymade steel and fix in the structures.
  • No extra storage space needed & pilferage can be avoided or controlled.
  • Just-in-time concept can be implemented.

Save more on Construction Costs

Image 05

Major avoidable costs on construction is in the form of wastage, labor and inventory storage. Now all these can be reduced when it comes to reinforcement steel. Click on the link below to view the comparison charts on how it can make a huge difference by using RBS Readymade Stell.

Comparision charts - Savings Study

Reasons why RBS Readymade Steel is the Best choice.