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RBS Ready Mix Koncrete, is the pioneer in introducing the concept of Ready Mix Concrete for the construction industry in Central Tamilnadu. Established in 2002, the company has an early mover advantage for the ever growing demand for Ready Mix Concrete that is required by many contracting companies working on fast track infrastructure, residential and commercial projects coming up all over India.

Traditionally steel reinforcement had been fabricated on the construction site which involved a large labor force and a huge amount of wastage of steel. RBS Ready Made Steel offers the contractor a fast and efficient service, delivering steel in phased requirements to the site. Through the factory process, Readymade Steel emphasizes the use of the Green Building Concept which is rigorously monitored to ensure that we conserve natural resources and the processed steel also meets site requirements. All our processes are non-polluting and keep the environment free from hazardous materials.

The product range of Readymade Steel includes not only factory fabricated reinforcement steel bars cut into various shapes and sizes like cranked bars, stirrups, verticals, column /beam cages etc. but also pre-fabricated cages and welded wire mesh fabric.

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  • RBS Ready Mix Koncrete.
  • RBS Ready Made Steel.
  • RBS Residency.
    (Hospitality - Business Class Hotel)
  • MAAS Automation
    (Home and office automation gadgets)

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