"We use TMT bars approved by
MES, DGS&D, NHAI, SIDCO, SEZS, PWD, CPWD, Indian Railways, Irrigation Departments, Large Infrastructure Projects, Corporate Companies."

Stirrups (Cut & Bend)

Perfect ready to use cut and bent steel
Image 03

Cutting and Bending of Steel is one of the most important aspects in the construction industry. This could be done manually on site, which may result in large space of the storage of steel, inaccurate dimensions and improperly bent bars. On the contrary, you could give us the bending schedule, and receive RBS Ready made steel (Cut and bent) using superior automated machines with the perfet angles according to your bending and building schedule.

Prefabricated Cages

Fabricated Ready to use Construction Cages
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Prefabricated cages are made by piecing together rebars and stirrups as per the structural drawings. Two connecting cages are aligned on ground before installation. This ensures that the cages fit perfectly during installation.

Special Rebar (Anti Corressive)

Rebar with anti corressive Coating
Image 05

At certain construction sites you may wish to go with the Anti corressive rebars. RBS Readymade steel will provide you with Cut and Bent Cages / Stirrups with high grade anti corressive coating.

Our Services

  • RBS Ready Mix Koncrete.
  • RBS Ready Made Steel.
  • RBS Residency.
    (Hospitality - Business Class Hotel)
  • MAAS Automation
    (Home and office automation gadgets)