RBS Smart Steel Advantages / FAQ's

Today the Indian construction industry is headed towards an ideal situation wherein the Contractor's only role would be to ensure better time management, vendor management and efficient quality control.
RBS Ready made steel, saves time for those in the construction industry. They order steel and receive it when they need it. No need to cut and bend steel on-site.
Listed below are some of the advantages, comparisions and Frequently asked questions.


  • TMT Bar - 8mm to 50mm
  • Fe - 415D
  • Fe - 500*
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel* - CSR
  • Ready Made Steel - RMS
  • Ready Made Rings

Order & Delivery

  • Customer gives Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) / Structural Drawing to RBS.
  • Processing of BBS / Conversion Structural Drawing to BBS at RBS Ready made Steel.
  • Customer Approval on BBS
  • Production at RBS Readymade Steel Centre.
  • Delivery as per BBS Schedule.


In today's fast world time management without compromising on quality is the key. Find out how RBS Ready made steel can help achieve this. click the button below to view advantages and reasons why readymade steel is the best choice.

Save more

Find out how your construction costs can be reduced. View the comparison chart by clicking on the link below.

Various Shapes of Readymade Steel

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